WebCL November ’13 News

fractalsNovember news for WebCL. Please keep sending news via twitter or a comment!


The Khronos registry for the WebCL draft has moved here.

Anthony Liot created a fork for WebCL on OSX.

Yannick Pellet lets us know that OpenCL and WebCL are available as add-on for Tizen SDK 2.2.1.

Not mentioned before: a list of all WebCL extensions and a useful description.

WebCL specs are on github now.

Nokia WebCL is now ready for FF 25.

A story on asm.js, which explains things for WebCL too.

Fractured demo has been updated.

Papers & Slides

CrowdCL: Web-Based Volunteer Computing with WebCL [PDF]. CrowdCL provides an abstraction layer for WebCL aimed at reducing boilerplate and improving code readability. CrowdCL also provides developers with a framework to easily run computations in the background of a web page, which allows developers to distribute computations across a network of clients and aggregate results on a centralized server.
WebCL: Enabling OpenCL acceleration of web applications. A presentation by Mikael Sevenier and Tasneem Brutch.

Tools & Code

CrowdCL as descibed above.

WebCLGL use a code style like WebCL for handle the operations (more understandable that WebGL if not is for graphics end) and which then translates to WebGL code. Is another implementation, and does (currently?) not comply with the WebCL-standard.

LibWebCL for more convenient host-functions, as mentioned before. Includes WebGL-support!

jsFsck for obfuscating your WebCL host-code. In case you want not to easily share your code, but not too much in the open. It does not obfuscate your kernels – enjoy this list for that.


I want to copy this from the WebCL-specs github:

Q: <Any WebCL programming related question>

A: Please use stackoverflow, and tag the question with “webcl”.

If you are a person of answers, please help answer these questions.

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