WebCL October ’13 News

triangleOctober was a good month for demos. It’s time to show off!

Nokia’s WebCL-plugin has been updated for Firefox 25. Not much news at Samsungs’s Chromium-plugin.

Motorola’s Node-WebCL was updated at the last day of October.

The WebCL kernel validator has not bene finished yet. This project states the start of larger acceptation of WebCL, so let’s hope we get it soon. If you have played around with it, be our guest to write about it on this blog. Status can be followed here.


You might have heard from Emscripten-WebCL. Anthony Liot has created a page with the status of all the OpenCL-projects now ported to WebCL. Below a demo of “ocltoys jugCLer”

Scott Michaud discusses his project Perpetual Motion Engine into full extend and gives lots of interesting background-information. It does not show the math behind, unluckily. Was featured on Slashdot.

Best to quote a comment by Owen Kaluza on last month’s WebCL-overview:

I just released an update to my WebGL/WebCL fractal studio site http://fract.ured.me which should work in WebKit-WebCL now (with thanks to Alexandre Rocha and Marcelo Morais for help with this).
Using the handy wrapper library at https://github.com/alerock/libwebcl which is useful to hide inconsistencies between WebCL implementations.
Would be great to hear about it if anyone has trouble getting Fractured working as it’s hard to get access to the multitude of possible hardware/platform/browser combinations to test on.

This demo was also featured on Nokia’s WebCL pages.

Path-tracing in WebCL, as featured on Nokia’s WebCL demo pages.

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