Archive for November, 2013

WebCL Kernel Validator explained

Ho do you: Run untrusted code trustfully? Prevent code to crash your computer? Disallow code reading your mind? Mikael Lepistö and Rami Ylimäki of Finish company Vincit explain. They are the creators of the Khronos WebCL validator, and have figured out ways how to solve above problems: Global memory checks Private address space checks Reducing […]

WebCL October ’13 News

October was a good month for demos. It’s time to show off! Nokia’s WebCL-plugin has been updated for Firefox 25. Not much news at Samsungs’s Chromium-plugin. Motorola’s Node-WebCL was updated at the last day of October. The WebCL kernel validator has not bene finished yet. This project states the start of larger acceptation of WebCL, […]

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