WebCL August ’13 News

babbage math titleWhat has happened around WebCL the past month?


The WebCL-validator is still under construction. It was planned to be finished around beginning of September. The validator would add security to WebCL making it more safe to have the plugin. More info in the RFQ.

WebCL-Emscripten has been improved to work with more examples from SDKs. This project makes it possible to convert OpenCL host-code to WebCL.

First version of the WebCL-widget for WordPress has been released.

Browser Plugins

Firefox support is now extended to FF 23.

Chromium is supported under OSX 10.8.3 and Linux 12.x. AMD has ported the plugin to Windows.


A list of demo’s is put here. If you have made your own demo, or ported OpenCL-code to WebCL, let us know in the comments.

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