WebCL November ’13 News

fractalsNovember news for WebCL. Please keep sending news via twitter or a comment!


The Khronos registry for the WebCL draft has moved here.

Anthony Liot created a fork for WebCL on OSX.

Yannick Pellet lets us know that OpenCL and WebCL are available as add-on for Tizen SDK 2.2.1.

Not mentioned before: a list of all WebCL extensions and a useful description.

WebCL specs are on github now.

Nokia WebCL is now ready for FF 25.

A story on asm.js, which explains things for WebCL too.

Fractured demo has been updated.

Papers & Slides

CrowdCL: Web-Based Volunteer Computing with WebCL [PDF]. CrowdCL provides an abstraction layer for WebCL aimed at reducing boilerplate and improving code readability. CrowdCL also provides developers with a framework to easily run computations in the background of a web page, which allows developers to distribute computations across a network of clients and aggregate results on a centralized server.
WebCL: Enabling OpenCL acceleration of web applications. A presentation by Mikael Sevenier and Tasneem Brutch.

Tools & Code

CrowdCL as descibed above.

WebCLGL use a code style like WebCL for handle the operations (more understandable that WebGL if not is for graphics end) and which then translates to WebGL code. Is another implementation, and does (currently?) not comply with the WebCL-standard.

LibWebCL for more convenient host-functions, as mentioned before. Includes WebGL-support!

jsFsck for obfuscating your WebCL host-code. In case you want not to easily share your code, but not too much in the open. It does not obfuscate your kernels – enjoy this list for that.


I want to copy this from the WebCL-specs github:

Q: <Any WebCL programming related question>

A: Please use stackoverflow, and tag the question with “webcl”.

If you are a person of answers, please help answer these questions.

WebCL Kernel Validator explained

bad-kernelHo do you:

  • Run untrusted code trustfully?
  • Prevent code to crash your computer?
  • Disallow code reading your mind?

Mikael Lepistö and Rami Ylimäki of Finish company Vincit explain. They are the creators of the Khronos WebCL validator, and have figured out ways how to solve above problems:

  • Global memory checks
  • Private address space checks
  • Reducing fragment
  • Handling initialization

These solutions and a lot more are explained in below PDF.

WebCLMemoryProtection [PDF]

Enjoy! If you have questions, put them in the comments.

WebCL October ’13 News

triangleOctober was a good month for demos. It’s time to show off!

Nokia’s WebCL-plugin has been updated for Firefox 25. Not much news at Samsungs’s Chromium-plugin.

Motorola’s Node-WebCL was updated at the last day of October.

The WebCL kernel validator has not bene finished yet. This project states the start of larger acceptation of WebCL, so let’s hope we get it soon. If you have played around with it, be our guest to write about it on this blog. Status can be followed here.


You might have heard from Emscripten-WebCL. Anthony Liot has created a page with the status of all the OpenCL-projects now ported to WebCL. Below a demo of “ocltoys jugCLer”

Scott Michaud discusses his project Perpetual Motion Engine into full extend and gives lots of interesting background-information. It does not show the math behind, unluckily. Was featured on Slashdot.

Best to quote a comment by Owen Kaluza on last month’s WebCL-overview:

I just released an update to my WebGL/WebCL fractal studio site http://fract.ured.me which should work in WebKit-WebCL now (with thanks to Alexandre Rocha and Marcelo Morais for help with this).
Using the handy wrapper library at https://github.com/alerock/libwebcl which is useful to hide inconsistencies between WebCL implementations.
Would be great to hear about it if anyone has trouble getting Fractured working as it’s hard to get access to the multitude of possible hardware/platform/browser combinations to test on.

This demo was also featured on Nokia’s WebCL pages.

Path-tracing in WebCL, as featured on Nokia’s WebCL demo pages.

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WebCL September ’13 News

Taken from a 2011-demo from Samsung.

Taken from a 2011-demo by Samsung.

Another month of WebCL. Do you have anything to share, let us know in the comments. It is ok, if the news are not from October, as we are doing some catch-up.

You might have seen at the first post that the creator of LearningWebGL, Giles Thomas, has approved of this website: “Excellent, really glad to see this started!”. Now continue and hope the website can do for WebCL, what LearningWebGL did for WebGL.




  • CrowdCL, a framework for crowdsourcing GPU-based computational problems.
  • Superconductor is a web framework for creating data visualizations that scale to real-time interactions with up to 1,000,000 data points. It compiles to WebCL, WebGL, and web workers to unleash the power of parallel hardware for fast and cross-platform data visualization.
  • Node.js has several plugins for WebCL/OpenCL. Go check them out.

Browser Plugins

  • Firefox support is now supported on FF 24. You might have heard the buyout of Nokia by Microsoft. The WebCL project at Nokia-research is completely safe.
  • A lot of bugs in the plugin for Chromium (OSX 10.8.3 and Linux) have been splatted. No binaries available yet.

WebCL August ’13 News

babbage math titleWhat has happened around WebCL the past month?


The WebCL-validator is still under construction. It was planned to be finished around beginning of September. The validator would add security to WebCL making it more safe to have the plugin. More info in the RFQ.

WebCL-Emscripten has been improved to work with more examples from SDKs. This project makes it possible to convert OpenCL host-code to WebCL.

First version of the WebCL-widget for WordPress has been released.

Browser Plugins

Firefox support is now extended to FF 23.

Chromium is supported under OSX 10.8.3 and Linux 12.x. AMD has ported the plugin to Windows.


A list of demo’s is put here. If you have made your own demo, or ported OpenCL-code to WebCL, let us know in the comments.

Hello world!

ShouldersOfGiantsIn the footsteps of various other learning-sites.

Have you seen or done anything with subjects around WebCL?

  • Tutorials
  • Emscripten
  • Bitcoins
  • WebCL + WebGL
  • LLVM
  • Status of browser-support
  • Kernel-validation

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